You Can Do Great Things.

  1. Get off social media. Endless scrolling is a timekill and a soulkill. Despite whatever they tell you, you will not find true connection on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. You find connection by going out and connecting with people. Send a text, make a call, set up a Skype date, email, or host a socially distanced get together, but do not think that you have to stay on these platforms in order to stay connected, or even to stay informed or “change the world.” Your mental health will thank you later.
  2. Get off the news. Anything you need to know, I guarantee someone will have told you by the end of the week. Staying informed is important, but there’s no use in reading article after article if it’s to your own emotional detriment. Activism is important, but remember that consuming the news is not activism, but passivity. And often these days, it’s divisive.
  3. Ask for help. Talk to someone, particularly someone you trust. It can look like a simple text that says, “I’m sad,” or it can be a phone call to a parent or friend or mentor. Remember that you’re strong for asking for help, not weak, despite whatever your brain might tell you. We are wired for community, not for isolation. So please don’t hesitate to reach out when you need it.
  4. Lastly, please set aside four minutes this week to write yourself a letter of encouragement from the perspective of someone who loves you. This might be a partner or a parent, a mentor, a friend, a spiritual guide, God, or your inner child. Start the letter with love, and see where it takes you. You might just discover a message you deeply needed to hear.




My name’s Julia. I’m a writer, and these are my COVID-19 weekly letters of encouragement.

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Stories of COVID-19

Stories of COVID-19

My name’s Julia. I’m a writer, and these are my COVID-19 weekly letters of encouragement.

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